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If you’ve been wondering where Prince has gone, he’s re-signed with Warner Brothers Records after spending the last few years of sporadic independent releases. Now Prince has released two new albums simultaneously: Art Official Age appears under his own name, and PlectrumElectrum is the debut record of a Prince back-up band called 3rdEyeGirl, but it includes Prince’s vocals, guitar, and production style throughout. Rock critic Ken Tucker has a review of both albums.

Photo of Prince via The Guardian


"One of the things we biographers realize is that we distort history a little bit. We make it sound like there’s some great individual in a garage or a garret who has a light-bulb moment and all of a sudden innovation happens. But when you look at innovation, especially in this day and age, it happens in teams — creativity is a collaborative effort in the digital age. I wanted to get away from writing about the singular individual."

- Walter Isaacson

Isaacson is the author of the 2011 Steve Jobs biography. His new book is The Innovators:  How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution

He joined Fresh Air to tell us how a 19th century English countess, women mathematicians and programmers of the 1930s and some Silicon Valley hippies changed our world. 

Read more / listen: How The Cold War And George Orwell Helped Make The Internet What It Is

Photo: "U.S. Army Photo", number 163-12-62. Left: Patsy Simmers, holding ENIAC board. Next: Mrs. Gail Taylor, holding EDVAC board. Next: Mrs. Milly Beck, holding ORDVAC board. Right: Mrs. Norma Stec, holding BRLESC-I board.



There’s another lunar eclipse this year and it’s happening tomorrow night! (That’s Tuesday night — in other words the wee hours of Wednesday morning). Europe and Africa will be left out this time around, but viewers in North America and Asia will get the chance to see the moon pass through the earth’s shadow. Details from NASA here.

This eclipse is extra special because it might be a rare selenelion.

Don’t ask me how to pronounce that word, but here’s what it means: the refraction of light through Earth’s atmosphere makes both sun and moon appear higher in the sky then they really are. So at moonset/sunrise on Wednesday morning, a few lucky observers east of the Mississippi might glimpse the sun and the eclipsed moon AT THE SAME TIME! Geometrically impossible, and well worth setting your alarms for.

I put approximate moonset times in this GIF, but you should look up the specific schedule for your location here.

Send your photos of the ‘blood moon’ lunar eclipse to our science desk Tumblr editors at nprskunkbear@gmail.com.


Anthro-zoologist John Bradshaw is the author of the books Cat Sense and Dog Sense and is an expert in animal behavior.  Fresh Air spoke to him for both books and today we’re playing bits of each interview back-to-back. Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, Bradshaw’s got you covered.

From the Cat Sense interview:

"I think cats are much less demonstrative animals than dogs are. It’s kind of not their fault; they evolved from a solitary animal that has never had the need for a sophisticated social repertoire in the way that the dog — having evolved from the wolf — had that ready-made. So their faces are just not terribly expressive, and some people read into that, that they’re kind of cynical and aloof and those sorts of things. But I don’t believe that for a moment. I think cats show, by their behavior, even if it’s a bit more subtle than a dog’s, that they really are fond of their owners."

From the Dog Sense interview: 

"I think dogs have a right to sniff things whenever it doesn’t cause a problem to us. When I meet a dog, I hold my hand out. I don’t stick my fingers right out, just in case, but I just make a loose fist and put my hand out to the dog. If it’s a small dog, I’ll squat down. And that dog will want to come and sniff my hand and lick it if necessary. That’s a greeting, and I think if we don’t do that, I think it’s as upsetting to the dog as if we were talking to somebody that we never met before and covered our faces at that point in time, as if we were trying to disguise who we were."

Photo: Andrew Tallon via Flickr


Masses of pro-democracy protesters continue to pack the streets in Hong Kong, defying police who have responded with tear gas. The demonstrators are angry that Beijing has insisted on vetting all candidates for the territory’s next chief executive.

Here’s a closer look at the issue and what’s at stake.

Photo: Chris McGarth, Getty Images

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