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  2. Elected officials Sam Farr and Anthony Cannella discuss job creation in response of President Obama’s speech. San Jose’s Safe Summer Initiative, which offers young people positive alternatives to gang recruiting, is threatened by tight budgets. Mountain Art Center’s gallery displays local artists.

  3. “Show me the money!” is a famous line from a well-regarded movie. Though the movie was about a sports manager, the phrase has resonance in lots of contexts. This morning, let’s apply it to transportation.

    People hate being stuck in traffic. Elected officials, at all levels, hear about this problem all the time, and while the problem comes from poor land use planning, the “solution” most often suggested is to build more roads. Transportation planners have noted that building new roads actually “induces” new demand, so that the road-building strategy doesn’t actually work. The new congestion-free roadway stimulates more people to get into their cars, and the final result is the same old level of congestion, but with another lane of cars now stuck in the jam.

    There are obvious environmental impacts associated with road-building, but the difficulty most often encountered is aptly identified by that line from Jerry Maguire: “show me the money!” Building roads is fantastically expensive, so how would we even pay for that?

    State Senator Darrell Steinberg wants to allow regional transportation agencies to raise money to reduce congestion by imposing a per-gallon fee on local fuel purchases. All such increases would require approval from a majority of local voters. At least one environmental group thinks that this is a good idea. Check the links in today’s Land Use Report to find out more.

    For KUSP, this is Gary Patton.

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    Gary Patton writes a daily blog, “Two Worlds / 365” – www.gapatton.net 
    Text of SB 791 - http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/11-12/bill/sen/sb_0751-0800/sb_791_bill_20110825_amended_asm_v98.pdf 
    Jerry Maguire - http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Jerry_Maguire/60022922?trkid=2361637 
    California League of Conservation Voters on SB 791 –

  4. Tonight - live KUSP broadcast from opening night at the Cabrillo Music Festival!  Interviews and then the performance …

    Tonight - live KUSP broadcast from opening night at the Cabrillo Music Festival! Interviews and then the performance …

  5. Cooling Coast, Warming Inland?

    Report by KUSP’s Sean Rameswaram • Global warming means that temperatures across the globe are on the rise, right? Well, maybe not entirely. Some recently released numbers suggest that California’s coast may actually be cooling over time becauseof warming temperatures inland. Photo courtesy of NOAA
    Visit KUSP Reports Environment site

  6. Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.


    Watch “The Pot Republic” - our report, in association with KQED, on last night’s FRONTLINE.  The report goes inside the country’s oldest, largest and most wide-open marijuana market — California.

  7. Wharf 2 Wharf race… sky, ocean, people and pelicans. Listen to a post race talk from Talk of the Bay with Rick Kleffel and Russ Coillot. 

  8. redistricting mapCitizens Commission Redraws California’s Legislative Lines
    July 22 | Sean Rameswaram • California voters chose to have fellow citizens redraw legislative lines back in 2008. Now, we’re about to see the result of Proposition 11. The California Citizens Redistricting Commission releases new maps for state and federal offices on August 15th. Commissioner Vince Barabba spoke to KUSP’s Sean Rameswaram about the group’s historic work. Photo courtesy of Statewide Database. Visit California Citizens Redistricting Commission site

  9. Rep. Farr Discusses Debt Ceiling
    By Sean Rameswaram • Representative Sam Farr says Democrats are willing to accept conditions on raising the debt ceiling, but only if they are balanced. Though he has in the past voted against raising the government’s spending limit, he disagrees with the Republicans’ methods this time around.

  10. First Friday Brings New Assemblage and Resin Works to Felix Kulpa

    June 30 | Maureen Davidson • The First Friday events in Pacific Grove, Salinas and Santa Cruz bring numerous new art exhibits Friday. White Balance, in downtown Santa Cruz’s Felix Kulpa gallery, is a combine show with book-construction artist Jody Alexander and Michelle Stitz, who works with layers of oil paint in Resin. Arts Writer Maureen Davidson spoke with the artists as they installed their show. Artwork courtesy of Jody Alexander - photo by J.D. Hillard.